I had more lettuce seeds than anything else when I inventoried my seed collection in early March. A neighbor reminding me that Jefferson planted lettuce every two weeks and my yearning for SPRING combined and I went a little nuts: I planted WAY too much lettuce and much too close together!

I’ve given away 2 six packs of red heirloom lettuce seedlings already. And this wasn’t 12 tidy little plants this was 2 six packs CRAMMED FULL of baby red lettuces, probably at least 30 plants in each.

I made pasta & greens for dinner recently. I had thyme, pizza thyme (sort of like oregano-basil flavored thyme ), oregano, chives, lettuces, tarragon, sorrel, basil, radish and mustard greens, garnished with baby radishes. I sauteed garlic in olive oil & butter, then added all the chopped greens and cooked it til they were hot and sprinkled the chopped radishes on it just before serving. It was good, but there wasn’t enough for a meal.

In another week or so that won’t be a problem! I’ve made lettuce stir fry before, it’s one of my “we’re broke” dishes: a little oil, onion and/or garlic and a shredded head iceberg lettuce. I’ll add almonds if I have any for crunch. Serve with soy sauce.  I used to be able to feed two of us for under a dollar. It’s pretty boring, but it IS filling. Stir fried lettuce this spring won’t be boring, as I have six or more varieties of lettuces trying to take over the veggie garden.

I guess I’ll  be making lettuce soup or freezing it in the near future. It occurred to me  I could take the thinnings and a little stock, blend the two together and freeze it as a green veggie stock. We can have mesclun salads. I can make wraps with the full-sized stuff, but my problem isn’t full-sized lettuce, it’s the thinnings!

Wish we had a rabbit or chickens! If it hadn’t rained so often,  I’d have been doing more thinning all along. [I should be out there doing so now, but gee, it’s raining again!] There’s various & sundry organizations I can probably take full size lettuce to if it truly runs amok, I don’t expect that.

The baby lettuces are going to become crowded BIG lettuces pretty quickly.  I’d like to use them, but I’m afraid there’s just too much! I’ll have to sneak out under the cover of darkness, leaving bags of them around the neighbor’s doors — like foundlings on the doorstep.

Do baby lettuces cry?


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