What I’ve done this weekend

  • Dismantle a bookcase and stack it atop another of the same size.
  • Put up two smaller bookcases to replace the previous case.
  • Filled the two bookcases and part of the third.
  • Worked on the vegetable garden.

What I have yet to do?

  • Clean up the living room where the two small bookcases were.
  • Get the back on the stacked case and fill it with the magazines, etc. that we’d planned to use it for.
  • Find a new home/put away or cull the rest of the stuff that was pulled out of the now stacked bookcase.

There’s progress, but it’s pretty small by comparison to what I’d like it to be! We moved 3 pieces of furniture into their new home and that required the culling, cleaning, and rearranging. One of these days, I’d like to be far enough along this road to not have moving a piece of furniture become a major project. But I guess that’s what I’m doing the work for ‘eh?

I’ll update the above list as I go today.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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