More stuff management, less garden & food, sigh

We have an appraiser coming for one thing. For another, although I got stalled, I asked DH for help and was fairly insistent that he help me some, today or tomorrow as I’m stalled/bored/blocked — or whatever. I’m not getting it done,whatever it is. So I finally broke down and asked for help AND didn’t let myself get fobbed off. Also called the neighbor’s son who helps sometimes, and we have tentative plans for Monday next week.

So. I got stopped. I am stopped. Interia had set it, calicification, whatever it was. I was NOT getting things done.

This is why I’m amazed when people tell me I’m “strong”? I don’t have any stick-to-itness, or damned little. What I have is world-class stubborness that will, eventually pick itself (and me) up and say — DO SOMETHING!!!

And so I have. The whiney, grieving little kid just has to be acknowledged and not allowed to stop the process that’s all.


Huh. If you see that as just a statement, you certainly aren’t me!

Got more to do, later.


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