What to do?

with mustard greens? I love my mustard greens, they’re self-seeding and have been for years. They’re also frequently the earliest real harvest from the garden. Great. But there’s only so many you can eat in a salad or stir fry. They’re putting out their yellow flowers out there, getting ready to go to seed. I might get 2 harvests this year, I usually get some in the late/summer early fall big enough to eat. The stuff grows FAST! But part of the reason it goes to seed so much is that I don’t have anything but salad/stir fry I do with it — it seems a waste!

I went and looked at my usual online sources, food.com and recipegoldmine.com . I found a black-eyed pea recipe that sounded good, but who wants to cook beans in the middle of summer? All the cooked greens recipes seem to either use too much fat or cook too long. There’s a 5 greens and rice recipe that sounds interesting, but I only have 2 of the 5 greens (no kale, spinach or scallions. I do have chives which I could substitute for the scallions, but nothing big & leafy like kale or spinach, unless I use lettuce) — so that’s out. And who wants to cook rice in the middle of summer either?

If I use mustard greens, chives & parsley with rice, I’m afraid it will overwhelm whatever else I’m making, especially if it’s not intensely flavored. I opted to put the mustard greens off one day. (They’ve wilted in the kitchen, but are probably fine.)

We grilled chicken and veggies instead. I made a citrus marinade of lemon, lime & orange juice, with some pepper flakes & cumin.

If you don’t like cumin  I’m afraid you probably won’t like much of my cooking, as I like it  a lot — you’ve been warned!

I chunked sweet onions and sweet potatoes, put them in a foil packet and put it on the grill.Then we grilled the chicken.

It was good, the chicken was a bit over cooked, DH didn’t turn the meat the last time he  checked it and the veggies could stand to be cooked a bit more, but we ate it for dinner: grilled, chunked veggies and marinated, grilled chicken. Not perfect, but it didn’t heat up the kitchen either!

Tonight? Tonight we’ve got left over chicken and wilting mustard greens. I think I’ll make the rice (it’s cooler today!) and serve it with  reheated veggies & chicken.

Other than cooking what I did today was a doctor’s appt, go to the storage, the bookstore, the two booths, take care of a neighbor’s dogs, go to the dump, water the garden, talk to a relative,  call the bank, and plan what has to happen next for the house-cleaning project.

Whether it’s dinner or my life, I’m frequently not sure what I’m going to do next!


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