Harvest! Well, sort of . . . .

I pulled the first, still small, but respectable radishes out of the garden yesterday (Monday). Also pulled up a colander full of root parsley and gave away 2 six packs of heirloom red baby lettuces.

I had bought what I thought was ONE asparagus crown and intended to plant it in our oldest deep raised bed. When I opened the package it was about 10 crowns! I had to find room in the bed, which long term is supposed to be all asparagus,  the baby lettuces and the parsley had to move!

The radish harvest was thinning the admittedly too thickly planted radishes, but I expected that. The lettuce & parsley harvest was unplanned. I transplanted a lot of it and then gave 2 six packs of it away to neighbors. We could have eaten 2 small bowls of lettuce for dinner, but it would have taken FOREVER (well a long time anyway) to clean the plants. Better to give them away!

Today’s plans are: work in the garden, planting more seeds, plant starts, weeding, etc. as needed. Work in the house on the bedroom and hallway. I want to be able to stand in the bathroom and look into the bedroom and just see the hall, floor, bookcase,  carpet — the bones of the rooms. It seems like a do-able piece in one day and it won’t require me to move around, decide what to do with 1,000 things at once, which is usually where I get bogged down. (I don’t know what to do with the 1,000 pieces, and if I do, I don’t have any place to store them, put them away, etc. It means I keep moving the piles around, rather than having them go away.)

Happy Tuesday!




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