Remember my list of monthly/quarterly cleaning tasks?


Well, I need to revise the wash windows in June idea. It’s June 1 as I type this, and about 80 degrees and 90% humidity. Change the wash windows to May OR June, depending on the weather!

That was yesterday. Today it’s no go on windows either. It’s thundering, raining, etc.

I have been working on another monthly list though.

This one isn’t cleaning, it’s food.

I’m trying to adapt the Dig for Victory program from WWII that Great Britain had. The idea was to grow enough veggies to feed you & yours for a year, with some being stored over the winter months. Although written in a pretty simple style, I have a lot of unanswered questions.

One of the biggest is weather. I grew up on a stretch of the West Coast that has a sub-Mediterrean climate. A few miles away, the weather differs so that it isn’t sub-Mediterranean, because of geography. I’ve lived an hour from Death Valley, obviously vastly different weather. Ditto Tampa. And now New England.

New England has almost everything, dunes, mountains, and the coldest weather on earth.  If you’re interested in weather, check out Mount Washington. Here:

But my point is that in order to “translate” the data from Britain, 1941-4, I need two things: accurate accounts of their weather and some way to correlate it to the weather where I live.

The weather is just one problem.

Another problem is varieties of plants listed. The short and mid-season potatoes, for example, are all varieties I’ve never seen before. These days, they’d be heirlooms. Got that. But they’re also British heirlooms. Even assuming I could find and buy them, would I want to? Would something else work better? How would I know or find out?

The problems continue from there. I’ve been pecking away at this for some time now. I’ve made spreadsheets and copied data and tried to find this or that method to use the ideas  in a meaningful way. So far, I haven’t had much luck.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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