The longer it goes the more frustrating it gets!

We’re almost done with all the financial stuff. Despite (I thought) having all my ducks in a row, and having every single piece of paper we needed, there are three that somehow didn’t get there. And they’re vital. One we were getting from the town, but you can’t get that type of document on the weekends, so I have to do that on Monday. The others? They’re missing, God only knows where.

And there’s vital data on them, everything someone would need to steal our identities.


So I’m upset, in fact I was in a full-fledged panic for a while. I know I DID have them, in with other papers. I’ve got the others, but missing the three.

So, if I needed another (?) reason to get organized, the papers filed, etc. This was it. I really don’t need another reason, but it is a stimulus. In the meantime, of course, we’ll watch our credit score, send a notice to the credit agencies or anyone else that might be contacted by someone wanting to steal our info.



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