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Progress Report?

Still way too much stuff, but the house is cleaner, so that’s progress!

The vegetable garden is putting food on the table, daily, also progress.

The refi effort has changed a bit, but is still going, more progress.

Things are selling at one antique store. I’ve probably found a space to put a paperback spinner and sell books (something I’ve been trying to find for some time). Again, progress.

This is all true, but I FEEL mired, stuck in place, like I’m spinning my wheels. I guess it’s that I’m still whacking away at the same basic stuff in the same places. The attic, laundry room, kitchen, bath, landing, bedroom are all cleaner and tidier. But nothing is finished.

I want to unfold the rug in the kitchen [done 2016], I want move the furniture, clean the rug, and paint our bedroom. I need to get out of the old storage. And I want to finish tidying the attic. So, yeah, there’s progress in every room of the house, there’s less stuff, it’s cleaner and tidier.

The kitchen or attic are the closest to being done. The attic you can’t see, so I should work on the kitchen. If When I get the kitchen clean enough, we can bring in the 2nd cabinet, currently in the new storage. That will free up that space, and we can fill the space with boxes, etc. from the old storage.

Writing blogs is not something I ever thought I’d do? But I will say that frequently writing this has shown me what the next step should be, as it did just now. And I’d say that’s also progress, I’m using the tools I’ve got to accomplish my goals, and allowing myself to learn new things along the way. If that isn’t progress, what is it?

I’m off!

The Invitation

The current version of the invitation reads: “Please come for brunch (date, time, address) and bring no more than three boxes of stuff (clothes, books, housewares, etc. ) you want to get rid of. Everyone else will do the same.

From the offered stuff, take what you want and/or need and whatever remains of your stuff when you go.”

I’m not ready to do this, not just yet, but I’d love to do it before the end of September.

Have you done such a thing? Did it work?For those of you who were at the birthday party last year, I’m thinking of inviting many of the same people.

Comments? Ideas? Would you go to such a thing? Not?

Stored Foods Use — Win!

Okay, frankly we were both beat yesterday AND tired of frozen pizza, we’d had it 2 days in a row while we cleaned the house.

I was poking around trying to figure out wtf to make for dinner last night: I’d bought a box of Bubba steaks on sale for $4, so I decided to use that. The box contained 4 filets wrapped in bacon. Since we don’t NEED the protein, I decided to cook just one, in its pan juices (bacon included). Then I got out a portion of the summer squash I froze not too long ago, and cooked that, with chopped chives (from the garden)  a little sugar and nutmeg. We also had baked potatoes.

We’d had salad for lunch and I would have been glad to use more lettuce with dinner, but by this time, it was pouring rain and I had NO interest in getting soaked!

Dinner was definitely frugal: filet ($1), squash (.79/lb), potatoes (< $1/lb), and chives, free.

This is exactly the kind of frugality I want to cultivate. I’m not interested in eating prefab, plastic food, but I’ll happily buy high-end foods on sale and use those, like most of the ingredients for dinner.

I also harvested garlic scapes (chopped and frozen), probably the last rhubarb of the season (chopped, haven’t decided whether I’m going to use it right now or freeze it?), chives (for chive butter), peppermint (made peppermint syrup)

Because it has been so muggy, we’ve been drinking a lot of raspberry-limeade, mixing the 2 syrups I made not too long ago!

Oh yes, the garden is producing too, not just the perennial bed and lettuces: the peas are finally producing! We’d had 1 pod earlier this week, but yesterday’s lunch, a garden salad, included 6 snow peas.

Of all the blessings there are, summer is among my favorite!

Moving Right Along — Another Target Section!

Getting ready for the appraiser (today) has accelerated this process a lot. DH and I have decided we’re going to “forget” that the guy was here today, and tell ourselves he’ll be here NEXT week, to see if we can’t keep the momentum going.

I called to ask another neighbor’s daughter if she wanted to earn some summer money by helping me clean the house? I don’t know the answer,  yet. Her dad woke her up to talk to me, so I told her to call me back when she really woke up. As much as I HATE being woken up, if I were me? I’d probably say no. Oh well, I’ll have to find another rent-a-kid in that case.

Here’s the new target:

2013 target smaller Jun 25

New Target — into June!

I’m almost caught up. Throwing out the drafts of the books and the price guide I made for a bookstore 30 years ago made a BIG difference! I was only keeping them because of how much time I’d spent. But really, what good would they do me?

Here’s the new target:

2013 target smaller Jun 22

June Sales


In June, there are a lot of clothes sales! Dresses, camp clothing, intimates, sleepwear, sportswear, and summerwear (of course) should all be seasonally discounted.
You’ll also find sales on home improvements: fabric, storm windows, floor coverings, building materials and rug cleaning.
Holiday sales in June are for Grads and Dads!


Egg prices may go up at the end of the month (they should also go down again in a couple of months). If you use lots of eggs, you may want to stock up and freeze them! I was always told to separate the eggs and then freeze them for baking/sweet use (with sugar) or for other/savory use (with salt). But there’s another way, you’ll find it here:

There’s a few wonderful and easy sounding recipes for watermelon jam on the ‘net. I can’t imagine anything more decadent than watermelon jam in December! For the past few years, I’ve intended to make some, but haven’t.

I also love watermelon salad, do you? Here’s mine: watermelon, chopped mint, a tiny bit of grated onion and a semi-sweet vinegarette dressing. The contrasts are wonderful! I keep thinking I’ll add some chopped jicama or almonds for crunch — but never have. Do you eat watermelon as it comes or do something like make jam or salad with it?
Here’s a freezer jam recipe for watermelon jam, I mean who wants to COOK in June?

(I love the website. As a resource, it’s just amazing!)


The last of the cheap eggs for a while will be in the markets in Jun. You may want to stock up? [We use so few eggs I don’t bother unless I can get them <= $2 a carton for large eggs. Figs, frozen foods & fresh garlic will be on sale briefly this month too.
Summer produce should be available at reasonable prices: zucchini, summer squash, radishes, peaches, edible podded peas, watermelon, amongst others.

I give up

I have been writing the June sales calendar post for a couple of hours now. One hour was doing the original writing. The other has been trying to figure out why WP has suddenly decided that the middle paragrah is 2 point sizes bigger than the first paragraph?

I have created new files. There’s no way in WP to specify font size that I know of, except to select “paragraph” or “header1” etc. I’m ready to throw my coffee cup across the room, so I think I’ll give it a break and get some lunch.


[I finally had to cut/paste the text into a notepad document, then redo the formatting from there, but it worked thankfully!]