Done? You’re never done (and you never do what you planned, either)

I keep thinking I’ve got everything for all the financial stuff and then discover there’s something else I missed.


My regular Friday b’fast meeting was cancelled which was a blessing. I reached all the companies and county officials and family folk I needed to for the financial stuff.

My knee is acting up,  again. Whenever I stand I get pins/needles and it’s obviously swollen. So the ligament may be not still be pulled, but I apparently have some nerve issues, which today started to hurt. Great.

I was going to make tamales. Not going to happen. I’ll have to sit down and shred the pork and freeze it — it’s like 80 here and my leg is being a bear. I am not going to soak corn husks, make up masa, stuff the masa with filling, wrap them in the husks, steam, and then freeze them.

Not today!

I was also going to take a cake as a contribution to a group thing. That’s not happening either. I was going to make a 2 layer cake: 2 boxes of cake mix,  a bottle of fudge sauce, and strawberries & whipped cream with maybe a little rum in the middle.

Except: there’s only 1 box of cake mix in the pantry and two markets are out.


I guess we’ll have to buy something from a good bakery instead. Offends my frugal soul, but I refuse to give people food I won’t eat!

So today? Today I was going to get the kitchen clean, get ready for the flea market Sunday, do lots of laundry while I was doing the cooking and after I got the data together and before we had an appt.

I had ganache for lunch, [Isn’t chocolate one of the food groups?] planted 2 six packs of basil (it was cheap, much of it had damped off), done some laundry and the tax/loan things I had to. And sat, resting my stupid knee.

Bah! I never thought I’d be affected by Middle Eastern terrorism, and here I am. I wonder what the count of secondary injuries is? I need to add my knee to the tally!



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