I seem to have found the secret, for me

of getting something written here every day. That is, I start the post the day before. I write a note, a draft,  just enough to remind me what I wanted to say and save it as a draft. Then I finish/edit the piece the following day. Don’t know if this technique will work for anyone else, but it makes it easy rather than a task. I have time to think about what I’m writing, what I want to say, etc. which removes much of the anxiety about the process as well.

I’ve got the last of the tax data to finish this morning.  (I’m taking a break before my brain becomes total mush, getting another cup of coffee and as a mini-reward. Nearly done — YEAH!)

Of course, after I get the taxes finished, I have the loan paperwork to do, and then hopefully, it will be the weekend and I won’t have to do anything financial for a few days?


Tax info to the preparer just before 9 a.m. 😀


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