a LOT to do, little time

I have banking info to get, a tax return to finish, etc. so we can get the roof loan.

Nothing worked earlier today. I looked at things and they were almost all wrong, sigh. It’s a mess and I have to fix it and figure it out. Anyway, that’s what caused me to add the rant I did to the bit about the things and money not matching post. I found a typo and then added a few comments.

I don’t have the financial mindset. If things worked the first time and I was pretty sure they would, I’d probably love it. I love the challenge of complicated puzzles and making money is one of the most complex. But numbers and I have a troubled relationship at best.

I get there, but not easily alas.

Enough of that! We put a rub on a pork loin, a big one yesterday and grilled it. I’m about to go make myself a burrito for dinner I think.

What would you make with 3 or so pounds of grilled pork? Tamales come to mind, but right now? Right now, because of the financial stuff, I do NOT have time to spend even part of the day soaking corn husks (have them), making up masa (also in house), filling it with the meat (ditto), tying them, steaming them, and then freezing them. I LOVE tamales, but even without cooking the roast, it would take too long. I suppose I could shred the meat and freeze it? That I have time for.

The posts the next day or so are going to be pretty bizarre at a guess. I get punchy after I spend a half hour or so trying to get a column of numbers to add up to the same number more than once! The jobs I have to do will entail me doing lots of that, also looking at old emails, my data base, my calendar, etc. to get everything I need.

Not fun.

Now, if I had some margarita mix and the appropriate alcohol (I don’t.) I could reward myself with a margarita when I get done. Ah pfui!

Now here’s a real come down: no margarita. I think I’ll have a burrito tonight and call it quits. If I get all the data together tomorrow, then I can Thurs. a.m. get the tax return, mail it, take it to the bank and apply for the loan. But if I don’t, then I HAVE to do it Friday.

The squishy sound you hear will be my head hitting the wall, when I run the numbers one-more-time (again).

P.S. I finally condensed the data on the history page: January and February’s data anyway. I have a copy of the detail, if for some inexplicable reason you want it (or I do). so what’s on the history page right now are Jan-Feb condensed  to their old/new numbers and full detail  for March & April. May’s data are on the tally page, until June 1.


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