New strategy

I have at least one new strategy. I try to clean up/cull something so at least I can tell, in every room every day or so. Also, I’m making myself use an older trick of mine too, that is, making myself put things away almost every time I go into a room (not necessarily through it).

The latter means that the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, office and bathroom are getting cleaner. The living room not so much as there’s bookcases, etc. staged there and there’s nowhere to sit, again. So I’m trying to whittle away at that.

I really, really want to not do what I did last fall, that is, look at all the bigger decorating/house next steps I didn’t get done I’d planned to and have to put them off : painting a lot of things, moving things around, etc. are all much easier in the spring/summer/early fall!

So, here’s a list, let’s see how many of these I can get done this year?

Painting the new dressers, moving the old dresser

Selling or moving the “daddy” dresser

Getting the desk into my office it’s in the storage 6/21/13

Selling or moving the old dining room table

Getting the new bed made up in the veggie garden

Painting the veggie garden beds for the year

Removing everything from the pantry & cleaning it throughly before painting the shelves.

Finishing the trim work in the laundry room and repainting it, as needed

Getting the 2nd curtain rod made up and installed, with the curtain, in the kitchen

Getting the blinds up in the kitchen

Getting the 2nd Hoosier cleaned, out of the storage and put up for use

Get the short case in the bedroom moved, the “show” cases painted and installed on the wall where it was. 2nd case is moved, 2 of 3 show cases are installed, none o this has been painted 6/21/13

Moving furniture around in the bedroom

Repaint the stairs

New side trim on the stairs

Get the new bottom stair front installed? or sold

Yes,  there’s too much here to do in 90 days unless I don’t do anything else. Much of it can’t be done without removal of many boxes of books & papers first. And since these are all cleaning/house tasks, there’s nothing here about the garden except painting the beds. I have to finish planting the seeds and then process the food. The goal is to have food set aside for winter in the fall.


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