Started on my office, again

It’s a disaster. But I finally got the  new, to me, wire milk crate out of the living room.  I used the 2nd wrought iron hanging wheel. Those were my discernible change piece on Sunday. Aside from that, I nibbled at cleaning up the kitchen, dining room, our bedroom, the offices, the laundry room and the bathroom. I can tell they’re cleaner, but likely no one else could?

Today’s plans are a bit more complex. We’re meeting a friend for a meal, probably lunch. Between and around that, I’d like to work in the garden, as it’s the first day this weekend that it’s not supposed to  rain. Yard clean up is needed, planting is needed, weeding too!

Also, next week I go to talk to the bank about a roof. I have various pieces of data, etc. I need for that, and I’d like to get that all together today in a relaxed fashion rather than rushing around trying to get it tomorrow!

So life goes on. As usual I have writing to do. I have an article to polish. I have things to read, things to clean, and food to make.

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the U.S. I hope it’s relaxing and happy!



2 responses to “Started on my office, again

  1. We have a lot to do today too! Clean the chicken coop, harrow the garden (it finally got plowed last weekend), maybe even do some planting of seeds. I don’t think we’ll be too far behind, there’s no way an earlier planting would have done much with all of this cold weather we’ve been having! Have a great Memorial Day J!

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