I bought the stuff and I’m confused!

I keep getting different counts of how many items I bought, which means that the price per item keeps changing. I get the batch to balance, so that the paid out amount is what I actually paid, but the rest of it is off, sigh. I need to do this, again for the 3rd 4th time!

I got a great wrought iron table base. It’s priced and out for sale at one of the booths. I got a wire hat/wig stand. I’ve wanted one for years and here it is! I got 2 pieces of enamel ware: a brown/white canner or stew pot with lid (priced and out for sale) and a green and white refrigerator dish with lid (needs to be cleaned).

What’s out for sale is the canner, a small barn pully, a Pyrex casserole, a Westinghouse fridge. storage container, 2 metal scoops, & 16 pieces of mid-century modern china.

What came home with me, either because it needs to be cleaned/reconditioned or because I’m keeping it: the wire hat stand, a triangular mechanics’ creeper, 2 paper parasols, 2 book ends, 2 bird houses, 4 craft books, 1 cast iron muffin pan, 1 3-loaf baugette pan, and the enamel refrigerator pan I talked about above.

I bought 2 books and 2 dishes at the thrift shop. Sold 1 book. The other book, I thought was about quantity cooking techniques, from the title. It is, but it’s like at a high school level and is an introductory text for food service. As I worked food service almost all the way through college, this isn’t something I need. It’s in the dump bin.

Put out from the house collection: 1 green/yellow vase.

Pulled from booth: 1 painter’s wooden satchel, slated to go to the dump, maybe?

Somewhere in here I forgot how to count– or something? I was mighty confused yesterday! I’ll figure it out today, but honestly, you wouldn’t think it was that hard . . . .


I finally figured it out! I had a duplicate record. I got an iron hat stand, and an iron table base and a hat pin holder (at least I think that’s what it is?) I had made a 2nd record for the hat stand and hadn’t realized it! So now the count is the same, the money balances like it should — FINALLY!!!

There is a reason I hate accounting. NOTHING balances the first time, or hardly ever. I hate doing the same thing over and over until you find the one, dumb error you made and it finally works. It’s abusive: over & over again and you can’t make it work, until you feel like a dummy and then finally fix it. That’s fun? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON???

I’d rather take an entire disorganized library off the shelves and alphabetize them, or sort 1,000 cards into alphabetical order or route wires in 3,000 circuit boards than try and make more than about 8 numbers add up the same way consistently. We all have skills. I can add, subtract, etc. but somehow it never seems to work the same way more than once. Almost any number crunching has problems!

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