Kitchen Confessions

I am Jenny. And I confess — I do NOT make bread, yogurt,  mozzarella, ricotta or pesto!

I said in response to a comment on the last pantry post I did (two days ago) that I feel guilty for not making our bread & yogurt.

I’ve heard mozzarella is easy too, and then I found the post below. It isn’t easy, it’s drop-dead simple!

My vague memory is that you can make ricotta from the mozzarella’s whey, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, we use a LOT of mozzarella in the summer: mozzarella, pesto & tomato sandwiches. YUM!

So now I have something else to be guilty I don’t make. I suppose while I’m at it, I’ll add sour dough starter too.

Less stuff management, more cooking! (Cooking & eating are sooo much more fun than cataloging books and stuff or cleaning!)

If I’m going to produce all the other ingredients it the sandwich (bread, tomatoes & mozzarella) I suppose I should make the pesto too? I’ve never grown enough basil to be able to make pesto. I grow about 3 plants yearly, which gives us fresh in summer and I dry enough to keep from buying supermarket sawdust in the winter. But I don’t grow enough to make pesto.

I wonder how many plants I’d have to have? I regularly have all the other ingredients on hand, I think: virgin olive oil, good salt, parmesan, garlic and pine nuts, just not sufficient basil.

I found a recipe for pesto. It includes: basil, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, garlic, parmesan cheese, romano cheese, and butter. If I rated the recipe (the way I do) for self-sufficiency, right now it would be: 1/1/6 [or 1 item I grow/produce regularly now (garlic), 1 I could grow or produce (basil) and 6 I need to purchase].

So, I should NOT make pesto. It’s not worth the effort if what I grow & produce (or could) aren’t at least 1/2 of the ingredients. Pesto just got put on the permanent buy list, unless we get a cow or goat.

First I need to make yogurt, then bread, then maybe mozzarella, and maybe ricotta or maybe I’ll make a sour dough starter and make sour dough bread instead and then mozzarella? Or maybe I’ll just keep buying everything?

I’d love to stop finding more food stuffs that I SHOULD make and don’t, so I can stop feeling guilty. But at least I can buy pesto with a clear conscience – thanks for listening!

2 responses to “Kitchen Confessions

  1. I admit I buy my pesto (“basil pesto”) in the grocery store. I like to use it in “shrimp spaghetti” (in the white sauce with shrimp & mushrooms & broccoli), and in scrambled eggs. I have also made my own yogurt – it’s not that hard – and ghee. But the problem in our neighborhood, J, is that “room temperature” means VERY different things at different tims of the year!

    • Yeah, absolutely that’s true! I can’t get bread to rise in the winter in my kitchen unless I put it on top the stove where the oven vents, but mid-summer I can put it anywhere at all!

      Sorry we missed our bagels yesterday —

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