Lot gone, but not the way I’d like it~

I sold 3 books and a camera yesterday. I bought 2 typesetters drawers and a jar. Then I donated about 192 pieces (I’m still not done with the count) at a thrift shop, at the market bin (I filled it to capacity, left a box on the floor then went to the public library for the last 2 boxes!) I went to the bookstore, who bought the 5 books I’d left the other day, and bought 2. Went back to the fairgrounds and bought 2 benches I wanted, but couldn’t fit in the car with all the other stuff.

I’m pretty sure I donated more than 200 items yesterday. I made my table rent and a little besides, but certainly didn’t make a profit. I spent  3 days cataloging things to sell < $30 worth of merchandise. Next time I think two or three things will change: 1)I’ll sort the books by broad catrgories 2)I’ll take more antiques and 3)I’ll put myself in the middle of the aisle instead of the front and 4)I’ll make it less “book heavy” (or obviously so).

Was it worth it? No! I should have gone to the church rummage sale instead, I at least would make $ on the stuff I got instead of selling very few items, and all of it at a loss, sigh.

Will I do it again? Yes. But I’ll change things!

The next flea market is the first Sunday of next month — about another week from now. I’ll do the same thing, that is, I’ll catalog a bunch o’ books & other stuff. Almost everything that doesn’t sell will be donated. I wonder how fast I can catalog approx. 200 more items?



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