Zero Day!

Okay, one of my favorite thrift shops has been having a sale, so I’ve been buying a lot o’ stuff, mostly for resale. It’s Brimfield week, so the sales are few & far between. The two together make a not great week. In six days I got rid of 33 pieces. But in the same period I bought 33 pieces.

I couldn’t have done that deliberately if I’d worked hard at it!

The rest of the sorting, etc. is on hold for 2 reasons: 1)the flea market I’m doing Saturday and 2)my knee is still not completely well. I’m cataloging books for the flea market, and took all the stuff I bought today to the booths. Almost everything I bought yesterday was priced and put out for sale today too. I also left a pile of books at the bookstore, and put 3 more books out for sale there too.

I’m not slacking off, I’m just doing other things!



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