Bizarre Computer Day

FB decided that the people I know that haven’t friended me are too many, so I don’t actually know them — and may be banned.

Another self-help site which has been having tech. difficulties for months (I can’t log in to their forum for example.) may make me a super moderator in the forum.

Finally, I got a “comment” today that was essentially, “I like the info, it’s useful, I’ll come back often.” except the post it was attached to was basically, “I’m too busy to write something right now.” I marked it as spam, being afraid I was being too twitchy, then opened my spam folder, and the exact same message, from the same user was there, along with another, not written as well, but just as idiotic given the post they were responding to.

Like I said, it’s bizarre computer day!

I’ve cataloged one box of paperbacks (78 books) for the flea market and need to do at least 2 more. Then I need to do the large format and hardcovers!


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