May Sales


In May, the only thing I have on my sales calendar that could be said to be left over from winter are blankets. May is a white sale month otherwise as well, you should find bargains on bedding and other white goods.

Clothes sales are almost all spring-summer related: hose, sportswear, intimates, robes, purses and shoes.

You’ll also find other sales due to the changing season: cameras, housewares, and rugs. May has one of the longest of my “move quick!” lists: not just the previously mentioned cameras, but outdoor furniture, luggage, tires and auto accessories.

Holiday sales in May are Memorial Day and Mother’s Day, but you could possibly find some early Father’s Day and Graduation sales.


May, here, is the beginning of yard and rummage sale season. I prefer rummage and white elephant sales to yard or tag sales. I hate the driving around that good yard saling requires. I hate having to dicker with people. I also like the win-win that charity rummage and white elephant sales provide: the charity raises some cash, most of the goods are donated, they sell them cheap, and everything is in one location. Saves me both time and money!

Because of this and because the last time we had a yard sale we saw 4 people and sold 3 things (We live in the middle of nowhere on a side road.) I tend to donate goods rather than trying to sell them at a yard sale. However, if yard sales are your preference, here’s a site which may help:

Also look on craigs list for your area and check the calendars for your local media: TV or radio stations. Finally, try using a search engine. One thing I find really frustrating about many sites which try and help you find sales or stores is that they seem to be mostly set up by zip code. If you’re in a strange city or even if you’re not, you may not know the zip codes of the area.

Setting them up by zip code makes it easy for the programmers, and the folks who live locally, but not anyone else! I know my zip code, but honestly don’t remember those of the towns 5 miles on each side of us, and I’ve had post office boxes in both towns! I remember numbers I need to and forget those I don’t. Anyway, if I’m going somewhere and want to find the yard or tag sales, first I go to the post office site to see if I can find the zip codes – and now you know why!


You might find fennel & mushrooms both on sale this month – one of my favorite combinations as a quick side dish,  sauteed in olive oil with a little sweet onion – yum!

You should find sales for lemon, lettuce, summer squashes, cilantro, cantaloupe, and green onions. This is probably the last month you’ll find deals  (or maybe find them at all?) on fresh favas, Milk products are frequently on sale in May, including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream. Although the fancy cheeses I buy on sale I get after the first of the year when my local market puts the gourmet cheeses left over from the holidays on sale. I almost always look for cheddar, Swiss and Monteray jack, our “everyday” cheeses. I always have cheese in my freezer. The previously frozen cheeses are crumbly when thawed, but otherwise are fine.

Hmm. I think I’ll make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!


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