First of the painting jobs is done

I bought a crib. I bought it to replace the warehouse boxes, under the couch,  our bedlinen is currently stored in them. Two reasons: 1) there’s almost always “stuff” in front of the couch, so the sheets, etc. wind up ON the couch. This means I get 2 dirty/messy/unused or unusable places for the price of one! So, my idea is that I have to find ways to break my old habits AND store things in ways that are both convenient and neat, the crib idea came up.

What exactly I’ll do with the boxes I don’t know. The couch is slated to go downstairs, if and when, into the living room.

The garden is sprouting, radishes, lettuce, and peas are all coming up. The carrots & parsnips haven’t appeared yet, nor has the 2nd planting of lettuce, but I hardly expected that, as I planted them 3 days ago!

The brass rack is now up in the bathroom. I like it better than our old towel bar because the towels don’t have to (in fact CAN’T) be folded to be hung. I might add some fabric tape loops on the towels, but in any case, they’re hung on their edges. No more fancy folding required for them to look good. 😀

There is also storage above where the towels go. This means that I don’t have to store towels in the bathroom closet anymore. Yay!

I see a towel/washcloth purchase in my future, not a big one, but a towel or two and new wash cloths would be lovely and fill out what we’ve got.

There are 3 hooks on the rack, which is s many towels as we usually have out, max. Frequently it’s only 2. I use 2 because I have long hair. There’s a washcloth bar in the tub area.

Because we replaced the TP holder last year (it now holds 2 rolls at once) the wall was patched. The old towel bar removal and new bar addition made new holes, so the bathroom wall needs to be painted again too. We’ve also talked about replacing the moulding near the ceiling. It was badly painted last time and frankly, I hate the moulding, which is just plain wood, badly stained. Ug. It’s part of this house’s “charm.”

The fellow who built this place worked in construction. From what I can see, he wasn’t a very good craftsman. I think most of the moulding is up there (throughout the entire upper floor) to hide the fact that the ceiling & walls don’t meet the way they should. I don’t *know* this, but I’d bet money on it after living in this house for the past 20+ years! Anyway, the plan is to repaint the bathroom, put up the new shower curtain, replace the moulding before we paint, and maybe buy a few towels and definitely get some more washcloths.

The next piece of furniture moving is a bookcase shuffle. There’s a short medium case that is slowly being emptied. It will go atop the other case the same size. The paperback “show” cases (they were made to take books to shows) will replace that case. I have 3 of these in the hallway and my idea is that maybe all 6 can go on the wall to replace the one bookcase. If so, the books will be easier to get at, the hallway will be more serene, and our space will be neater, as I can put more of the books I want to keep AWAY. All good!

The show cases are made of MDF and I’m debating whether I want to paint them first? Probably, but I haven’t actually decided yet.

The crib got its coat of “stop chip” which is what I call the sealer we use on the antiquey stuff around here to keep its patina and not degrade into just junky!


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