Creativity, Forgiveness, and ?

This has been a very odd day. An online friend called me a “genius” yesterday. I said thanks, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a genius, having been well acquainted with the two in the house where I was raised.It seems to me to be a genius you have to omit all sorts of other parts of life to be that good at something or other.

I went off and about my business today.

Went to the church rummage sale (bought 4 items), took 1 item from there and 2 other items to the new booth. Went to the bookstore and found Harold Kushner’s How Good Do We Have to Be? on the .25 shelf out front and bought it. The book is a sequel to When Bad Things Happen to Good People ( I wasn’t all that impressedĀ  with that one) since the new one deals with human fallibility, guilt, punishment, shame, etc. it seemed it might have something I could use. So far it hasn’t changed my mind; I’m still reading.

Had a great conversation with a friend in the mental health field about the research problem for the memoir and got some pointers which may help. [Yay!]

The person I was talking to about genius responded with a link to the Elizabeth Gilbert TED talk. Here:

I feel like a cartoon character whose head is about to turn 360 degrees! Actually, that’s inaccurate. If I change my baseline thinking because of these two pieces, the shifts will be fairly small — but the consequences will be massive!

Not sure I like the idea, but equally, not sure I really want to build a wall of prejudice against it either? If I hadn’t had the encounter with the unseen hand I probably would have dismissed the Kushner book without much thought.

Life is just odd now!


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