New booth is stocked,

needs more, but there’s stuff there, marked & for sale.

There’s 2 more books in the bookstore marked for sale too. Also 2 books were sold to the bookstore, and yet 2 more were added to the book dumpster. My job today is to go to the other booth, see what’s sold, move things around/add to it a bit, etc. I have about 8 more books or so to donate — somewhere.

I also need to plant some lettuce and buy straw for the year. I buy 2-4 bales of straw every year. I mulch my veggie garden with it to cut down watering requirements and keep the earthworms, etc. healthy. I pull the straw and add it to the compost heap at the end of the season with some manure. In the spring, the mostly composted straw, etc. is put in the vegetable garden.

I’ve been reading a book about composting lately. [I’ll give you the author & title in a future post.] I was pleased to discover that my idea about fall leaves was right — if you leave them alone and let them rot, however little they will, in the fall/winter and gather them up in the spring and add them to your compost heap, your garden benefits the most. It always seemed this should be so as it is what nature does, but I couldn’t find anyone who said anything other than rake up your fall leaves & compost them in the fall.

Affirmation is always nice!

I also hate raking in the fall. I hate the endless job. I don’t find it pleasurable, but depressing as it means that winter is coming very soon — something I always find depressing. Raking leaves in the early spring on the other hand is uplifting — things are going to grow –t will be green again! [You have no idea how depressing winter is for this former resident of the desert, the south and the west coast.]

I’m still not moving fast, my knee is painful. It’s nice knowing wtf is wrong (pulled ligament) but it’s still painful and it DOES mean that I go 1…2…3 instead of 1-2-3 lately.

Hope your day is happy!


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