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Done? You’re never done (and you never do what you planned, either)

I keep thinking I’ve got everything for all the financial stuff and then discover there’s something else I missed.


My regular Friday b’fast meeting was cancelled which was a blessing. I reached all the companies and county officials and family folk I needed to for the financial stuff.

My knee is acting up,  again. Whenever I stand I get pins/needles and it’s obviously swollen. So the ligament may be not still be pulled, but I apparently have some nerve issues, which today started to hurt. Great.

I was going to make tamales. Not going to happen. I’ll have to sit down and shred the pork and freeze it — it’s like 80 here and my leg is being a bear. I am not going to soak corn husks, make up masa, stuff the masa with filling, wrap them in the husks, steam, and then freeze them.

Not today!

I was also going to take a cake as a contribution to a group thing. That’s not happening either. I was going to make a 2 layer cake: 2 boxes of cake mix,  a bottle of fudge sauce, and strawberries & whipped cream with maybe a little rum in the middle.

Except: there’s only 1 box of cake mix in the pantry and two markets are out.


I guess we’ll have to buy something from a good bakery instead. Offends my frugal soul, but I refuse to give people food I won’t eat!

So today? Today I was going to get the kitchen clean, get ready for the flea market Sunday, do lots of laundry while I was doing the cooking and after I got the data together and before we had an appt.

I had ganache for lunch, [Isn’t chocolate one of the food groups?] planted 2 six packs of basil (it was cheap, much of it had damped off), done some laundry and the tax/loan things I had to. And sat, resting my stupid knee.

Bah! I never thought I’d be affected by Middle Eastern terrorism, and here I am. I wonder what the count of secondary injuries is? I need to add my knee to the tally!


I seem to have found the secret, for me

of getting something written here every day. That is, I start the post the day before. I write a note, a draft,  just enough to remind me what I wanted to say and save it as a draft. Then I finish/edit the piece the following day. Don’t know if this technique will work for anyone else, but it makes it easy rather than a task. I have time to think about what I’m writing, what I want to say, etc. which removes much of the anxiety about the process as well.

I’ve got the last of the tax data to finish this morning.  (I’m taking a break before my brain becomes total mush, getting another cup of coffee and as a mini-reward. Nearly done — YEAH!)

Of course, after I get the taxes finished, I have the loan paperwork to do, and then hopefully, it will be the weekend and I won’t have to do anything financial for a few days?


Tax info to the preparer just before 9 a.m. 😀

a LOT to do, little time

I have banking info to get, a tax return to finish, etc. so we can get the roof loan.

Nothing worked earlier today. I looked at things and they were almost all wrong, sigh. It’s a mess and I have to fix it and figure it out. Anyway, that’s what caused me to add the rant I did to the bit about the things and money not matching post. I found a typo and then added a few comments.

I don’t have the financial mindset. If things worked the first time and I was pretty sure they would, I’d probably love it. I love the challenge of complicated puzzles and making money is one of the most complex. But numbers and I have a troubled relationship at best.

I get there, but not easily alas.

Enough of that! We put a rub on a pork loin, a big one yesterday and grilled it. I’m about to go make myself a burrito for dinner I think.

What would you make with 3 or so pounds of grilled pork? Tamales come to mind, but right now? Right now, because of the financial stuff, I do NOT have time to spend even part of the day soaking corn husks (have them), making up masa (also in house), filling it with the meat (ditto), tying them, steaming them, and then freezing them. I LOVE tamales, but even without cooking the roast, it would take too long. I suppose I could shred the meat and freeze it? That I have time for.

The posts the next day or so are going to be pretty bizarre at a guess. I get punchy after I spend a half hour or so trying to get a column of numbers to add up to the same number more than once! The jobs I have to do will entail me doing lots of that, also looking at old emails, my data base, my calendar, etc. to get everything I need.

Not fun.

Now, if I had some margarita mix and the appropriate alcohol (I don’t.) I could reward myself with a margarita when I get done. Ah pfui!

Now here’s a real come down: no margarita. I think I’ll have a burrito tonight and call it quits. If I get all the data together tomorrow, then I can Thurs. a.m. get the tax return, mail it, take it to the bank and apply for the loan. But if I don’t, then I HAVE to do it Friday.

The squishy sound you hear will be my head hitting the wall, when I run the numbers one-more-time (again).

P.S. I finally condensed the data on the history page: January and February’s data anyway. I have a copy of the detail, if for some inexplicable reason you want it (or I do). so what’s on the history page right now are Jan-Feb condensed  to their old/new numbers and full detail  for March & April. May’s data are on the tally page, until June 1.

New strategy

I have at least one new strategy. I try to clean up/cull something so at least I can tell, in every room every day or so. Also, I’m making myself use an older trick of mine too, that is, making myself put things away almost every time I go into a room (not necessarily through it).

The latter means that the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, office and bathroom are getting cleaner. The living room not so much as there’s bookcases, etc. staged there and there’s nowhere to sit, again. So I’m trying to whittle away at that.

I really, really want to not do what I did last fall, that is, look at all the bigger decorating/house next steps I didn’t get done I’d planned to and have to put them off : painting a lot of things, moving things around, etc. are all much easier in the spring/summer/early fall!

So, here’s a list, let’s see how many of these I can get done this year?

Painting the new dressers, moving the old dresser

Selling or moving the “daddy” dresser

Getting the desk into my office it’s in the storage 6/21/13

Selling or moving the old dining room table

Getting the new bed made up in the veggie garden

Painting the veggie garden beds for the year

Removing everything from the pantry & cleaning it throughly before painting the shelves.

Finishing the trim work in the laundry room and repainting it, as needed

Getting the 2nd curtain rod made up and installed, with the curtain, in the kitchen

Getting the blinds up in the kitchen

Getting the 2nd Hoosier cleaned, out of the storage and put up for use

Get the short case in the bedroom moved, the “show” cases painted and installed on the wall where it was. 2nd case is moved, 2 of 3 show cases are installed, none o this has been painted 6/21/13

Moving furniture around in the bedroom

Repaint the stairs

New side trim on the stairs

Get the new bottom stair front installed? or sold

Yes,  there’s too much here to do in 90 days unless I don’t do anything else. Much of it can’t be done without removal of many boxes of books & papers first. And since these are all cleaning/house tasks, there’s nothing here about the garden except painting the beds. I have to finish planting the seeds and then process the food. The goal is to have food set aside for winter in the fall.

Started on my office, again

It’s a disaster. But I finally got the  new, to me, wire milk crate out of the living room.  I used the 2nd wrought iron hanging wheel. Those were my discernible change piece on Sunday. Aside from that, I nibbled at cleaning up the kitchen, dining room, our bedroom, the offices, the laundry room and the bathroom. I can tell they’re cleaner, but likely no one else could?

Today’s plans are a bit more complex. We’re meeting a friend for a meal, probably lunch. Between and around that, I’d like to work in the garden, as it’s the first day this weekend that it’s not supposed to  rain. Yard clean up is needed, planting is needed, weeding too!

Also, next week I go to talk to the bank about a roof. I have various pieces of data, etc. I need for that, and I’d like to get that all together today in a relaxed fashion rather than rushing around trying to get it tomorrow!

So life goes on. As usual I have writing to do. I have an article to polish. I have things to read, things to clean, and food to make.

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the U.S. I hope it’s relaxing and happy!



New Pathetic Tally

Not much out, a fair amount in yields a wimpy deduction!



To trash: 3 unsalable books 3
To dump (swap shop) 2 books, 3 candle jars, 1 bicycle helmet, 6
Donated 5 books to hospital, 6 books to starbuck’s swap shelf, 12 bags to antique store 23
To landing pad: (not counted til used, tossed, sold or “put away”) stack of “for sale” books

Found new home/put away: unused portion of cedar 4 x 4 put away 1
Sold: 1 book, 1 jewelry box, 2 cake pans 4
Used: piece of cedar, piece of rebar, 3 trellis panels, 2nd small trellis erected,4 crates, 11
6 garden stakes, 1 head garlic planted, laundry rack, bench, 4 seed packets, 1 bird house 14
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) pantry 2

paperchase 4+31+7=42

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til gone), enamel canner & lid, sm barn pulley, pyrex casserole & lid, refrigerator dish, 2 scoops, mint/yellow vase, 1 wrought iron table base, 16 pc china,



Bought piece of cedar, 6 garden stakes, package of garden stakes, 2 baskets, 10
enamel canner (2 pcs), sm barn pulley,pyrex casserole (2 pcs),hat stand, 6
refrigerator dish, triangular creeper, 2 scoops, 2 paper parasols, 6
1 wrought iron table base, 2 bookends, 2 birdhouses,5
4 craft booklets, enamel refrigerator pan, 16 pc china, 21
1 muffin tin, 3 loaf baugette pan, 2 books, 2 dishes, 1 crate 9

  • old 8402 69.6% remaining 3676 items out
  • new 8365 69.3% remaining 3713 items out

I bought the stuff and I’m confused!

I keep getting different counts of how many items I bought, which means that the price per item keeps changing. I get the batch to balance, so that the paid out amount is what I actually paid, but the rest of it is off, sigh. I need to do this, again for the 3rd 4th time!

I got a great wrought iron table base. It’s priced and out for sale at one of the booths. I got a wire hat/wig stand. I’ve wanted one for years and here it is! I got 2 pieces of enamel ware: a brown/white canner or stew pot with lid (priced and out for sale) and a green and white refrigerator dish with lid (needs to be cleaned).

What’s out for sale is the canner, a small barn pully, a Pyrex casserole, a Westinghouse fridge. storage container, 2 metal scoops, & 16 pieces of mid-century modern china.

What came home with me, either because it needs to be cleaned/reconditioned or because I’m keeping it: the wire hat stand, a triangular mechanics’ creeper, 2 paper parasols, 2 book ends, 2 bird houses, 4 craft books, 1 cast iron muffin pan, 1 3-loaf baugette pan, and the enamel refrigerator pan I talked about above.

I bought 2 books and 2 dishes at the thrift shop. Sold 1 book. The other book, I thought was about quantity cooking techniques, from the title. It is, but it’s like at a high school level and is an introductory text for food service. As I worked food service almost all the way through college, this isn’t something I need. It’s in the dump bin.

Put out from the house collection: 1 green/yellow vase.

Pulled from booth: 1 painter’s wooden satchel, slated to go to the dump, maybe?

Somewhere in here I forgot how to count– or something? I was mighty confused yesterday! I’ll figure it out today, but honestly, you wouldn’t think it was that hard . . . .


I finally figured it out! I had a duplicate record. I got an iron hat stand, and an iron table base and a hat pin holder (at least I think that’s what it is?) I had made a 2nd record for the hat stand and hadn’t realized it! So now the count is the same, the money balances like it should — FINALLY!!!

There is a reason I hate accounting. NOTHING balances the first time, or hardly ever. I hate doing the same thing over and over until you find the one, dumb error you made and it finally works. It’s abusive: over & over again and you can’t make it work, until you feel like a dummy and then finally fix it. That’s fun? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON???

I’d rather take an entire disorganized library off the shelves and alphabetize them, or sort 1,000 cards into alphabetical order or route wires in 3,000 circuit boards than try and make more than about 8 numbers add up the same way consistently. We all have skills. I can add, subtract, etc. but somehow it never seems to work the same way more than once. Almost any number crunching has problems!