Tomorrow and then

tonight’s job is to get ready for the new booth.

Today I went by the storage and sorted boxes into two categories: flea market and online. Both shops where I now have booths sponsor a flea market of some kind. The newest one does it June – August, but the other does it May -Sept. So there are a lot of chance to throw books up on a table and try and get people to buy them for cheap til summer ends.

Once I get the new booth set up (tomorrow) I’ll move the sorted boxes from the old storage to the new, grouped and marked. That will leave the unsorted paperbacks and other asst. boxes, probabaly about 100 or so total, but that’s essentially nothing compared to what I started with!

I sold 9 books on the way home today, and tossed 3.

I’ve been working on this for 9 years, and at least the largest, most labor intensive part of this job (the paperbacks) is within sight of being done.

I don’t believe it!!!

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