Tally Reconcilliation Attempt

This is not accurate as I said, but it’s the best I can do right now. The only thing I know that I’m missing is the seed packets I bought and how many I used. I’ll add that to the next tally, before the month end. This is a redo of the entire month and what I hadn’t noted until today.

4/1/13-4/28/13 Combined Tally (woefully incomplete, but it’s what I’ve got!)


To trash: 32 books, etc. 45 books, 1 jack, 1 bookcase, 1 innertube, 1 pillow
To dump (swap shop) 9+4 plastic hangers, 4 books,  1 plate, 8 candle cups,
13 books, large twig pile, 1 hanger,4 books,
Donated 21 books in book donation bin, 8 books at flea market, 27 books in market book bin, 3 books to library, 85 books to book donation bin 144
To family/friends: box of paper 1
Clean/purging goal:
Reveal: entry, vegetable garden 2
Used: door, fireman’s pole, cat shelf, 6 pcs hardware to mount pole,
1 bookcase, 2 canisters 12

To landing pad: (not counted til used, tossed or “put away”)

Returned: 1 book 1
Found new home/put away:
Sold: 9 items not counted in March tallies, 49 items at flea market, 58
desk, chair, 2 computers w/2 keboards, 1 rug, 22 books 29
100 books cataloged 3
Moved from LANDING PAD: 1 chair into booth
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
vase filler 1

paperchase 143

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til gone)

Bought 6 pcs hardware, clamp, 1 refrigerator storage, 2 candle cups, 1 bookcase, 6 canisters,1 pillow, 3 pcs lace, 1 robe, 1 shirt, 1 pantsuit, 2 pr socks, 29

Got free: box of paper, 2 building vents, 4 jacks 7

29+7= 36+100=136 (for fairness sake I really don’t know!)


I also need to add the seeds purchased 4? 6 packets? and used 6? 10? Have to count!

The old figure below is that of 3/31/13.

  • old 9188 76.0% remaining 2890 items out
  • new 8803 72.9% remaining 3275 items out

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