First harvest, book cull and other news

The radishes are sprouting! 😀 I really love spring.

I cut the most developed radicchio from the bed where the peas & radishes were seeded. The radicchio is an overwintered “volunteer.” Last year I made the mistake of wanting a FULL sized one and a chipmunk or mouse or something beat me to it by one day. This year, I’m going to eat them when they’re 1/2 grown — so we had the first one as a part of the stirfry DH made: chicken, cashews, carrots, cilantro, onions and shredded raddicchio.

My whole plan for closing one booth, opening another closing one storage unit and culling enough stuff to do that in the past week or so has been dealt a serious blow. I screwed up my left leg & knee. I can’t stand for very long, can’t walk for very long either without being in pain. I thought it would go away, but it didn’t, it got worse. Heating pads help, pills help, but it’s been about a week now and I’m more than ready to go back to being pain free — more than. In the meantime, of course, I’m supposed to be being superwoman sorting, culling, hefting, pricing, researching, etc. And you know, some of that has happened, but not anything like what I expected to do, and indeed started to do, sigh.

What we did today was remove 3 bookcases, a cabinet, and a LOT of books from the old booth. We donated 85 of them on the way home. One bookcase is one of those cheap particle board melamine things, white. It’s going to the dump. So I’ve culled 86 things today. I have a largish stack of books to take by the bookstore and see if they want them and I have one more load to go and get at the old booth — the paperback spinner and the remaining books and stuff.

Weds. I get to move into the new booth. Somewhere in here I need to see a medical professional about my leg and plant the rest of the vegetable garden, which requires hoeing, raking and bending over.

The bending over part I can do. I can rake and hoe too, for a little while, then I end up leaning on the tools instead of using them. This a.m. I was raking up small piles of leaves and after I got a small pile together I turned the rake around and used it as a cane. Did that 3 or 4 times.

I sure hope my neighbor’s son can work this coming week! And I hope that wtf is up with my leg/knee can be fixed easily and quickly!

DH is doing the cooking because I can’t stand very much. He does marathon dish washing instead of incremental stuff. That means that the dishes sit there until there’s no counter space or clean dishes, then he washes EVERYTHING. I tend to do a bit at a time more than he does. From the look of the kitchen earlier tonight, that means that I’ll probably go down in a while, when the pill I just took hits, and wash a sinkful or two.  It would have been easier to keep up if our dishwasher was working. But our Kitchen Aid dishdrawer went out of its extended warranty then died about six weeks later. (I will NEVER buy another Kitchen Aid appliance!!!)

I’m going to update the tally. I have NO idea where I am/what I’ve noted or not. I think I’m just going to basically call April a not counted month!


2 responses to “First harvest, book cull and other news

  1. Hope your leg is better soon – terrible time of year to have a bum leg!

    • Thanks! I’ll call the doctor today. A few days isn’t worth the time & expense, but this has been over a week and things can’t continue this way.

      Hope you & yours are having a great spring! How are the chickens, you hatching babies this spring or buying some?


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