Start Ups, Moving Plants & Stuff, Storage, etc.

My leg, knee & back are still bothering me. Hopefully it will pass — and soon!

Otherwise, the first daffs (or jonquils?) are going to bloom today on the side of the lawn. (The bud is unfurling, but hasn’t enough yet to see which flower it is.) This is a corner of our lawn that I’ve designated as a bulb repository and the vibirnum will be transplanted there as well this year. I don’t know if the viburnum will survive in its new home, it’s currently in a sunny southern location and after it’s moved will be facing east and backed by trees, so there’s more shade. The plant needs to move away from where it is– the bulb bed needs a specimen bush or small tree for interest — the viburnim is exactly the right size and nearly the perfect shape for what I have in mind!

I found a way to sort and track of the seeds to plant, what’s been planted, etc. In my retail fixtures, I have two clip racks, one table top and one made to be affixed to a wall. The tabletop one has all the seed packets on it, sorted, on one side. The packets as they’re used are moved to the other side. What exactly I’ll  do with any unused packets I don’t know, but at the moment the overflow is in a tube pan. That will be change at some future point!

This weekend is the move out of the old booth. I’m going there today to get some of the fixtures, etc. so that Sunday we don’t have more than the car can carry!




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