Veggie Garden Seeding 2013 #2

Planted parsnip seeds, a packet of mixed carrot seeds and the first two packets of lettuce seeds, one red and one green. The parsnips are seeded into the new root veggie bed on the far left, with the carrots next to them. The idea is that the carrots will be thinned, pulled and reseeded (early spring carrots replaced with storage or overwintering carrots). The lettuces were seeded into my first permanent raised bed, where the asparagus lives. The idea there is that until the asparagus comes up, the soil is available and should be used. I DO need to fertilize that bed though, the lettuce and other things I plant in it take some of the available nutrients from the asparagus. Since asparagus is a nutrient hog, the bed requires fertilizing every year.

I took pictures. If I can get them downloaded, I can show you what the garden beds look like, even though there’s little there at the moment!

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