I sold or donated 56 pcs Saturday at the flea market (8 donations, 7 to the Sr. center and one to a group for mothers of multiples (twins, etc.)). When I left, I went by the thrift shop, but there was NO parking spaces, so I went to the market with the book donation bin instead.

I left 27 books in the bin. Then I drove home via the dump and left the suitcase, a dish drainer, a spice rack, and other stuff. I got there just as they were closing. Today we went back and donated the remaining stuff I’d intended to give the thrift shop, another 45 books, a bag sealer, 2 camping plates, a mirror, a pencil tray, one of my plastic bins that had broken, a granite roasting pan bottom, etc.

I’ve got to finalize March’s numbers so I can get on with April’s — sigh. Not enough time in the day to do everything.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is Monday. That’s the day the neighbor’s son comes and we go work in the storage or work in the living room or . . .? We’ll see!


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