Today’s “To Do” List

is pretty massive. I have to get all the merchandise ready for the flea market on Sat. That means sorting, cataloging (if needed), packing, labeling. I need to make signs for the prices I want to charge. I need to find table cloths for under the merchandise, and covers for over it, if/when I have to leave my booth. I have to find a chair so I can sit down. I also need to find whatever it is I want to sell that ISN’T books. The books are the easiest to find, as I have more of them than anything else.

I will probably pull all the flower pots from the new booth, as well as the garden edging. There’s more lurking around here to go. Aside from the usual — trying to do too much in too little time and trying to get 50 things in space that fits 20 — I have to make sure that whatever I choose, catalog, etc. will fit in the car with the table, a chair and other things that are ready, in the storage. It’s a large jigsaw puzzle!

I looked up thrift shops a couple of days ago, down the street from where this is going to be. I have 2 places in the town where I can leave the books that don’t sell. My intention is to probably bring 0 books home. The glassware, china, cloth, etc. stuff I might actually sell elsewhere, the paperbacks no. I still haven’t decided if I’ll take any “good” books with me or not? If I do, those won’t be donated, but all the others will!

The past two nights I’ve called friends. Despite the fact that this looks easy and like I’m just plowing through the job willy-nilly, I have to say that what’s happening at night is that I’m panicking. I’m getting through it, with help, but the panic is there just the same.

There are days/weeks/months when I wish like he** that I didn’t have PTSD, hadn’t been abused, etc. I really wonder wtf I could have done in my lifetime if I hadn’t been dealing with my kid crap until nearly 60! If this blathering on about how hard this is bores you? Well, you’ve got NOTHING on me. I’ve lived it, and it bores the sh** out of me too. If I could figure out some way to bypass all the emotional crapola, believe me — I would!

P.S. Finally got my final tally from the old antique store. I can now finish March’s numbers! šŸ˜€


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