What I Did

today. I was busy – busy – busy!

  • Went to the thrift shop on the way to the new booth. didn’t buy anything.+0-0
  • New booth: sold some, pulled some, and left some merchandise, bought a primative cow. +1-?
  • 2nd thrift shop: donated the goblets; bought 2 covered cheese boards.+2-4
  • Went to a bookstore, offered two books, didn’t sell any. Bought a piece of ephemera.+1-0
  • Grocery shopping and got lunch.
  • Went to the storage. Left the pulled and the other merchandise for the flea market Sat. and the new booth starting 5/1. +0-0
  • 2nd bookstore. Traded 2 books for 1 I wanted. +1-2
  • Came home, prepped for the dump
  • Dump, donated 14 books +0-14
  • 3rd thrift shop. Bought bill rack and came home! +1-0

Bought 6 things, donated 18, traded 2. So 20-6 or 14 to the good!


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