I Have to go Through Boxes, ug.

I have just got too much stuff in the living room to do much more than I have, without going through more boxes of stuff. Along this line, I pulled out a box of papers today. A few things immediately became trash, but more than that I realized that there were several types of paperwork:

  • Articles I’d wanted to save for some reason
  • Bill statements to file
  • Business paperwork
  • Writing
  • Correspondence
  • Art/Craft designs
  • Receipts to file

And there are boxes of this mixed bag ‘o paperwork. It may not eliminate anything, but I initially decided the sane thing to do here was to sort the papers into their specific types, which would make it easier to deal with. There are some sheeted reciepts in this box, for example, they simply need to be added to the appropriate notebook. The correspondence needs to be sorted out and probably kept. The craft designs need to go into my office or pitched. The receipts need to be sheeted/filed and the bill statements filed. The writing needs to be reviewed, either entered or pitched, etc.

There’s a little for the “scrapbook” category I started a few months ago too. I realized I was keeping our old business cards, etc. for a scrapbook, but I didn’t have one. I now have one, I just have to put the pieces in it. Right now, there’s a specific location in my office these pieces are going, and duplicates are NOT allowed!

Then I saw that there are really only two major categories of stuff here: home/personal (writing, articles,  designs, correspondence) and business/money: (business, bills, receipts, etc.)

I think the first sort will be into the two categories and the obvious trash going away. This sort can be done pretty quickly, which is good!


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