Baby Steps are Better than Nothing — but FRUSTRATING!!!

Okay, my back has been wonky the past two weeks, which has really slowed me down. All the driving around I’ve been doing has partly been because I just can’t lift and tote and move and hustle, my back is waking me up 3-6 times a night and keeping me awake. It hurts.

I’ve been trying to get back on track, but do it in such a way that it won’t stress my back. Difficult, but not impossible, especially if I ask for help.

Okay, we moved the adding machine and last typewriter into their final placements. I found a way to move around the husband’s stuff  in a way that makes sense AND keeps them accessible. Yay!

Today I cleaned the fireman’s pole. I carefully took all the brass pieces off, polished them some (so you can tell they’re brass, but not so much that they’re shiny-new) and cleaned and oiled the pole. I did this very carefully. I put the screws in labeled sleeves, marked the bottom of the brass pieces and the pole as I took the thing apart so I could put it back together exactly the way it had been.  I was scared I’d lose one of the screws or mix them up and it wouldn’t go back together correctly, but it did — and I didn’t lose any of the screws either!

Big difference from my usual previous approach, fairly sloppy and slapdash: partly because I didn’t want to be “seen” fussing over my stuff and partly because I was sure anyone else could do it easier, faster, and without all the fuss. Things have changed — no — I have changed!

Anyway, the pole is clean, but not mounted, sigh. I was hoping it would be this weekend.

It’s tempting to take down the old rack to feel like I’m making “progress,” but the only thing that would accomplish, aside from the emotional satisfaction of being one step closer, is to make a large mess I can’t clean. The coats, hats, gloves, etc. that live on the old/current rack would have nowhere to go, until the new rack is put up. I guess that’s another indicator that I’ve changed?

Last week I bought 3 porcelain light fixtures. I’ve used them all now too. I’ll post pictures after I get the fireman’s pole up!

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