The world fell into my lap, and then . . .

This week has been super busy. The husband or I have had things going every day this week, not of course to mention work. I’ve been driving all over the world and gone, he rented a car due to his appointments, etc. We each had 2 doctor’s appointments, on different days of course. He had a three-day class in the local large town, etc. It has been nutty.

Last week I told the old antique store I’d be leaving there 4/30. I asked at the new place if I could rent a new booth for the merchandise. Yes, sure, but talk to us then and see what we’ve got available. Fine. The old booth is >$175/month, the new booth that I already have is just over $50. Cool! The possible new booth is just over $100. Great I’ll do it — except that the new mall charges in TWO WEEK increments, not by the month, so to compare actual numbers, the new booth is >$100 a month and the possible new booth would have been over $200. Hmm.

The idea was to save money. Obviously, this wasn’t the answer.

I went to the storage and paid the rent on the old unit, that’s > $100 too. Ouch! The manager at the storage and I talked about how someone who works there part time is involved with a cancer charity who put on a yard sale once a year, they may want some of my romances? I offered as many as they want. The really nice thing about this is that they rent a storage unit at this place to store the merchandise, so they’d come and get the boxes too. No hauling stuff across the country. Whoopee! The manager said she’s talk to the woman the next day. Cool!

Went up the street to the bookstore and offered the owner some very collectible paperbacks I’ve got. I’ve had them at the new booth and sold not one, so that seems to not be a good fit. The owner said to bring them, they’d put them out, and if nothing else, they’d probably sell at the 1/2 off sale, next month. Cool! Half is more than I was going to ask for most of them, wholesale. I’ll take it!

Then I went into a new to me country gifty/antique shop up the street. Ends up she also does flea markets in the summer and the price is VERY reasonable. Cool!

I go home that night just giddy about the opportunities that have fallen out of the sky. The world is coming up roses, etc. I did a lot of smiling.

In the next few days, reality hit, well sort of. The cancer charity doesn’t want my books darn it. The book store’s sale, which I thought started yesterday, starts in two weeks, the owner at the gift shop does have space for rent, but not the space she originally told me (which is prime) it’s another, which is really good, but not right by the front door.

However, I’ll be renting a new space 5/1 for <$100 a month at the gift shop. The new antique booth will stay the same. My shop rent will go from almost $300 (new and old booth rents) to just about half of that. And that’s still less than I’ve been paying at the old store. Yay!

At the same time, I also hope to be out of the old storage entirely by the end of April. Then I’ll only be in the new smaller and cheaper one.  Again, the money saved isn’t huge, but it will be consistently less expenditure, every month.

Things are moving in the right direction, but not nearly fast enough for me!


One response to “The world fell into my lap, and then . . .

  1. Congrats on getting out of one of the storage units!!! 😀

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