Moral Dilemma

Yesterday went as planned, except. Except? Yes. Except that I had two disasters.

  • The bookcase boxes, which I did start to fill were distinctly wobbly, and they shouldn’t have been. That required me to empty the boxes I’d filled, remove the boxes, etc. Figured out what the problem was and started reshelving the books, again.
  •  I’d bought tshirts for the rug I’m making and had washed the last batch and they’d gone in the dryer. They were on top of the dryer. I grabbed the lot and started turning them into tshirt yarn. There was a yellowish-pale green one, didn’t remember buying it (the planned rug was originally blue, green & purple) but I’ve been thinking about doing a Roy G. Biv rug instead of just the three colors, so it was possible  I’d bought this, I’ve been buying a lot of tshirts lately. Okay, take the hem off, turn it inside out.


This is one of the husband’s favorite shirts. Oh sh***t!

One of the few advantages of having “stuff” all over the place is that things get lost. I knew I could just ‘lose’ the shirt and he’d never know why or how it disappeared. I could even finish turning it into tshirt yarn and put it in the rug; he’d never know. That wouldn’t be nice, wasn’t ethical, and isn’t who I want to be at all. But he is not going to be happy. What to do?

I can’t just sew the hem strip back on, he’d definitely notice that, and I know he wouldn’t like it. I wadded the shirt up, stuffed it in a corner of my office and walked away. I was furious with myself for not turning ALL the shirts right side out before I started cutting. I was irritated with him for putting his shirt in with my craft shirts on top of the dryer, but I saw this as the wimp-out position it was. This was my fault, I had been the person with the scissors.

I started working on the office  clean up. I washed the dishes. I started the apple butter. In short, I did anything other than work on the rug. I left the problem on the back burner internally for a few hours.

Finally, the answer came to me. I could take it to the local seamstress and get a new hem put on. I confessed my misdeed last night, but also said I’d take it to the seamstress today for a new hem. It’ll be shorter, but other than that, it should still be okay.

Years ago, someone told me that on average she’s embarrassed once daily. Internally, I’ve expanded that to I have to deal with one nasty (usually cleaning) thing a day. Yesterday, it was a nasty emotional thing. I’d prefer to clean almost anything rather than what I did yesterday. Clean the cat box? You bet, thanks for the opportunity!

3 responses to “Moral Dilemma

  1. Oh J, I’m sure he realized that you didn’t do it on purpose, That was a great solution that you came up with.

    • I apologized. I mean what else could I do? I saw someone today who I told about this. She laughed and said, “You’re a better person than I. I mean seriously you confessed? I wouldn’t have!”

      My husband’s entire comment was: “Arg wife.” so I think he understood that I’d goofed and I knew it. I did apologize after all! (But I forgot the stupid shirt this morning, so it hasn’t gotten to the seamstress yet either!)

  2. The husband has a new pair of pants that need hemming, so we took that and the shirt to the seamstress, only to find out that she’s closing — today. Okay, she also DID give us a list of local seamstresses, but, the closure (pun intended) on this particular dilemma is still pending!

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