Start & Stop

I haven’t paid much attention to the tally. Been too busy moving things around and trying to get the 2 booths and the 2 storage units consolidated. I’ve gotten rid of another 750+ items! Much of that again is shelving books that were already here, but it counts!

Took the Victorian kid’s desk to the booth yesterday. On the one hand, I’d love the money if it sells, but I really like the piece. However, since it came home from the first booth, it’s sat atop a low bookcase in the kitchen. Obviously, we’re not using it. These days, that means it goes or gets slated t0 go. I have great affection for this particular piece, but I have a great affection for a lot of pieces, and we just don’t have room for all of them!

As little as I did yesterday, I messed up my back. I thought maybe I’d put all the weight back on that I’d lost with my bout of e coli? Not so — apparently I moved wrong.

I’m not surprised, I was in a hurry and was handling boxes of hardcovers. I did think about it, of course.Yesterday I also took the desk into the booth, it isn’t heavy, but awkward. I’m paying for whatever I did in lost sleep. Aging, as my husband says, is NOT for sissies!

My back has altered my plans for today. I’d intended to work on the new arrangment in my office and shelving the loose books in the living room. The office probably will get the attention, I don’t think I’m up to hauling books and squeezing into tight corners to get them on a shelf. I’ll be happy to have no stray stacks of books in the living room, but .  . .  . I’ll catalog some stuff and the dump is tomorrow, so I can find donations for the swap shop too.

Last week I asked my husband to get me the contact info for a local charity that does pickups. The only way I’m going to empty the old storage and FIT into the new one is if we get rid of a large lump o’ stuff. I started planning for this yesterday in the old storage, although I haven’t actually started segregating  items for this donation, yet. It will come!


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