Living Room: Next Piece

When I moved the bookcase boxes and replaced them with the wrought iron table, the hook rack above the table/bookcase boxes remained on the wall but now it looked funny.

Yesterday I pondered this and realized I still wanted a rack there, but wanted  something that filled the space entirely — and I had the perfect solution, maybe?

One of the crazy things I bought at auction: a section of a vintage hanging rack from a fire department. Has a straight up peg on top, a mustache-shaped double hook below. I took one double hook off yesterday and gave it a quick cleaning. It seems the hooks are solid brass, so they should all clean up nicely. We can attach the bar to the wall with bannister rail hardware. Three things have to happen: the brass pieces need to be cleaned, as does the wood. The wood then should be varnished/verathaned (or whatever), we have to decide which hardware we want, then buy & install it. Good bannister mounts are $20+ each,   we need at least two.

We decided after looking and talking about it this a.m. that the fireman’s pole (for lack of another short way to describe it) should replace the reproduced train luggage rack we now use as a coat rack. (It’s always full!)

Now, above the table is the “best” photo DH has done, which looks like it was taken in the gaslight era, but wasn’t. I took down the hook rack and swapped a clock & the photograph — which works. I added a few gardening books (everything needs a few books — don’t you know?) And so for the moment, this is done.

We’ll buy the mounts for the fireman’s pole and put that up sometime in the near future. It will displace the luggage rack, and that will get sold? Put elsewhere? Or? And the other hook rack — where will it go?

More to figure out! More to do!


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