New Graphics Table in Position!

That particular move has been on the “to do” list since we got the table, over 1.5 years ago (I think). Anyway, two days ago, I looked at the living room and “saw” how I could move the table away from its Landing Pad, right inside the front door.

Also know the next piece: I have a wrought iron table that’s holding old machinery: typewriters, adding machines, like that. Assuming my guesstimate is accurate, the box/bookcase next to the front door that was hidden behind the new graphics table will be moved to behind the graphics table across the room. The wrought iron table and its load of HEAVY stuff will replace the bookcase boxes. I don’t want to move the wrought iron table again while we’re getting the room done. I’ve moved it twice now in two weeks. Time to use more brain and less brawn!

That particular move will take me a few hours, although involved it isn’t complicated or (except for moving the wrought iron) difficult.

In the midst of moving things around, I “lost” one of my good winter gloves. It’s here, somewhere, just not sure where? But I found a Christmas card for  a neighbor I didn’t realize hadn’t gotten it. Fortunately, the woman and her kids were taking a walk so I gave it to her. Three months late? Oh well, it was supposed to be part of the cookie dough/ganache and bread with crock gift that I gave to my best neighbors for Christmas. I also found an old wallet I’d used last year for coupons, many of which were out of date.

I have a batch of books to catalog this a.m., then I’m off to the old antique store. I’ll pull books from there, and put them aside to donate tomorrow to a library book sale.

I have 30 boxes of “stuff” to go through in the living room, maybe more? (If so,I don’t want to think about it!) But the room, after the table move, is as done as it can be until we just get rid of more boxes. As tired as I am of cataloging stuff, it’s got to be done.

Tomorrow I’ll also go to the new antique booth and the storage. I have things to add to the new booth and we’ll see how the ladder/flower pots “spring” display I put up last week worked? Hopefully, everything sold!

One set o’ stuff in the living room is our old LPs, I had put out a few 3 weeks ago in the new booth. Sold 25% of them. Took the rest to a thrift shop, so they’re gone. I’ll restock them in the new booth and maybe put some in the old booth today as well.

I need to figure out what to do for dinner? I’ll probably pull some chicken or pork chops out of the freezer and make whatever strikes my fancy when I get home.

I got apples to make into apple butter, 3 lb bags were on sale, and since I could get something other than Red Delicious (boring) I bought two: Golden Delicious & Fuji. Should be great! I’ve learned not to start apple butter even in a crock pot and go away  — it goes from cooked to burnt quickly!

Obviously, I’m busy — you?


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