Pecking Away . . .

I worked on the living room and bathroom yesterday. There’s more floor space available in the living room than there was, although it’s hardly glamorous or somewhere you could invite guests. I found a way to use the folding footstool with the house plants, which made a few things easier regarding the plants, but also made it harder to get into the storage trunk where I have soil, pots, & seeds. It’s nearly time to start the lettuce and other plants for the vegetable garden, yeah!

This morning I cleaned the other 1/2 of the bathroom counter I hadn’t yesterday and swept the entry & staircase. After that,  I processed the asparagus I’d bought which absolutely had to happen today or the stuff wouldn’t be worth keeping. The pan is cooling before I put it in the freezer. We’ll have asparagus soup again tonight, made from the broth (result of blanching the soon-to-be frozen veggies) the bottoms, and the better parts of the about 10 spears I couldn’t snap the bottoms off easily. The soup will have a lot of fiber and I’ll probably fish out the really tough pieces before making the soup, they’ll still be white/pinkish, even with some cooking.

Today’s lunch is left over onion soup (we had soup & salad for dinner last night) and probably hummus sandwiches.  Tonight we’ll have the asparagus soup and I think chicken or pork (something). I have no idea what? Maybe with rice pilaf? [I woke up this morning thinking about rice pilaf with fruit & nuts.]

NOTE: One of my friends once told me that she tried making soup from the asparagus bottoms and it was so fibrous she just tossed it. Until tonight that had never happened to me. But I probably won’t do soup from the bottoms again. I may save them in the freezer and add a few to soup made with a bunch of asparagus otherwise, but not from the most woody stuff. I couldn’t finish it — sigh — and I LOVE cream of asparagus soup, darn it!

Last night was *wonderful*! I slept all night and went right to sleep — a rarity for me (or anyone with PTSD). A good nights’ sleep is something to be cherished!

2 responses to “Pecking Away . . .

  1. I’m glad for you – sounds like a lot of progress! I’ve been away this weekend at a Nordic ski race my nephew was in – he did very well! Hang in there J! Your soups sound delicious!

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