March Sales


March is one of those transition months. Winter goods will be replaced, if they haven’t been already, with incoming spring merchandise. Accordingly, the last of the winter stuff is usually on sale. Look for bargains on ice skates, etc.

There are also the beginning of the spring sales: garden supplies, spring clothing, laundry equipment can frequently be found on sale along with many small appliances too: curlers, shavers & hair dryers. Finally look for bargain luggage & shoes!


I tend to buy “gourmet” foods on sale and put them aside. I can’t afford to pay the premium prices the markets want for them otherwise. I buy asparagus when it appears cheaply, the beginning of the month. March is usually the last month for a while you’ll find bulb fennel on sale too. I saute fennel with mushrooms (also on sale in March) and serve it as a side dish. If you love mushrooms, make duxelles and put a pint or quart jar in your fridge. (I usually use up a pint, but quarts don’t work so well for us.) Use the duxelles in omlettes, stews, soups. The cooked mushrooms last longer than the wonderful (but fragile) fresh ones do!


Last of the winter stored apples are on sale this month. If you make apple butter or can apples, it might be a good time to get some? (My apple butter supply tends to be gone by the end of March.) Artichokes, avocadoes and grapefruit should still be on sale. The very first springtime veggies also appear: asparagus, edible podded peas, mushrooms, rhubarb, along with chicken, large eggs.


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