Asparagus Soup

Used up the end of the first container of asparagus last night, making cream of asparagus soup. The labels on the package said that I’d frozen the two batches in March & April last year. There’s one more batch in the freezer from April (I think?).

Again, I didn’t use a recipe. I sauteed 1/2 large shallot diced, cut the tops off all the asparagus, then cut the rest of the spears (except 6) into thick slices. When the shallot was transluscent, I added the asparagus slices and stirred them around a while. Added 3C hot water, enough soup base to season and let the stuff simmer. (If you’re not using soup base, use 3C hot chicken stock.)  In the meantime, I cut the last 6 spears into thick slices. I put my stick blender into the pot and buzzed the stuff for all it was worth and cooked it a bit more. Decided it might be too much fiber and poured the soup through a large hole sieve. Not enough body to the broth, alas. Added the last slices and tasted, needed the fiber, so it all went back in.

When I thought the slices were nearly done, I brought it back to a simmer, added the tips, turned off the burner then stirred in the cream. We had soup, salad, & toast for dinner. Nothing is left in the pan and the oldest pan of asparagus is gone. NOW I can freeze more!

The best, cheapest thing I found for freezing food in season is a small aluminum casserole pan that comes with an aluminum lid you crimp around the edges. They were cheap* last year at Stop & Shop, I can wash & use them over, they have square corners* and can be stacked*. Not perfect, I’d have liked containers about 1/2 – 3/4 this size, but I’ve managed.

To freeze asparagus: I clean it, take the woody bottoms off, cut to size if needed then blanch by dipping it into just-boiling water. The storage pan is filled in two layers with a sheet of waxpaper top/middle/bottom. The pan holds 2-3 layers, about 2 bunches.

*This was a requirement!


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