Winter Garden and the Living Room

One corner of our living room has an old trunk in it. Next to the trunk are two small tables. There’s a wire mesh basket on the trunk, and in it is stored various plant-related supplies: potting soil,, used soil, pots, and seeds. Atop of the trunk is a commercial ice water container (like used in restaurants) and various potted plants. This is my winter garden. The stevia survived, barely, the maidenhair fern has pulled through, the onions died, the potatoes are sprouting, and the two vases of daffs have put up dark green leaves.

Today I cleaned that corner of the living room. I pulled out the coffee table (it had been under the barristers’ bookcase) moved the two small tables and the trunk down into the corner. Got into the trunk, pulled out the rest of the daff bulbs and the seeds and planted all the sprouting bulbs. Only lost one! [I’d expected that most of the unplanted bulbs would be dead, but they weren’t 😀 .]

This is the opposite wall from all the bookcase crates. There’s some bookcase boxes against this wall too, but they’ve been there for some time. They’re behind the new graphics table against the wall and as I uncovered things today it became obvious that they’re not full — that will change!

In the past two days I’ve unpacked two boxes of books, mostly into the living room. These are books to be sold, but that doesn’t matter, they can’t sell  in boxes. I don’t remember what I have or where it is, so it won’t be sold. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

While cleaning out the corner, I found a piece of stereo equipment I need to ask DH if we’re keeping or selling and the two pieces of cash register drawers I intend to use as shadow boxes. I know where they’ll go eventually too. But it’s part of the back wall stuff and I haven’t gotten there yet. There’s a loom to move (full size, folding) amongst other things before I get there.

The biggest problem is likely to be the flat file. The flat file is steel, it’s big, and right now it’s in the wrong place in the middle of the room. DH & I were talking about what has to happen next and the flat file was part of the discussion. We have a plan to move it, but even with rollers, etc. it’s NOT going to be easy.

Our living room is roughly U shaped. One wall is done. The parallel wall was started today. The back wall pretty much has to be tackled before the rest of it can get finished. The flat file is in the middle of the U.

Definite progress, but it’s still a mess, full of boxes and asst. stuff — although less than first thing this morning!


4 responses to “Winter Garden and the Living Room

  1. Sounds great! I love daffs 🙂

  2. I wish I could just do it, but it has too much stuff, alas. Took me a while to get here, it’ll take me a while to get it gone, alas. I love daffs too!

  3. I’m having a hard time keeping my plants alive this Winter. Have a tray of african violets in a bedroom upstairs and I keep forgetting to water them 😦 and my plants in the dining room windows have suffered too. Can’t wait to get out in the real dirt and play, haha. We have to tackle our cellar and attic over the garage this year – definitely not looking forward to that! Will require a dumpster (or two!).

    • I don’t envy you the work, but I do envy the garage, attic & cellr space! My “attic” is one room, about 1/3 the size of my kitchen area (without the 30 ft counter and the rest of it).

      One of these days, I’ll come down & see you!

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