Pretty Scary (at least if you’re me)

I’ve spent all day working on the living room. I can see my living room emerging from the chaos. On the one hand, I’m fine with it and EAGER to see what it will be? I feel like a sculptor whittling away all the excess stuff to get at the heart of it.

On the other hand? I figure somewhere I am just freaking out, and I haven’t found it yet. Very disconcerting — waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The car is FULL of stuff to take to the antique booth at the fairground. All kinds o’ stuff, kitchen bits, decorative bits, useful thises and thats. All were in the living room between booths, hadn’t been taken yet, or something. Now they’re in the car to go AWAY!

I’m excited, I’m scared what the outcome will be and frankly there’s also a piece going, “It’s about TIME!”

Weird to be me I guess, but that’s hardly new either!


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