A Little Bit More

decorating stuff. I’m making a rug for the kitchen, it’s a small one, large rugs in the kitchen are a perennial maintenance problem. What I want is something to stand on when I work, so I’m making it, from t-shirt yarn. So, I bought 3 t shirts yesterday and 1 last weekend for the rug. The one from last weekend is a “tie dye” pattern and although the color works, the variegated color won’t, so that got set aside for another project or to donate. Two of the three I bought yesterday have side seams, which I’d missed.

Side seams make it harder to make the yarn the way it is usually done. I cut one shirt with seams into strips. I have 3 others, 2 from my clothing cull. Maybe I’ll make placemats or something out of them? Dunno.

Anyway, the new shirts got frozen, dried (to make sure there’s no bugs/bug eggs in it) then the one was cut into strips and worked into the rug. Fortunately, I needed dusky purple and that’s what it was. Now I need green, and I haven’t got any, which makes finding a shirt part of today’s quest.

I’m taking an ashtray and 2 vases to consign at a church thrift shop and although I hadn’t planned on buying anything, now I’ll be looking for t-shirt(s) for the rug (without side seams!).

On the purging front, the latest stack of crates/galvanized display shelf have taken what seems to be the last of the loose books in the living room — a milestone! I’ll count them later today and then post a new tally. I’m way behind, but I’m busy!


2 responses to “A Little Bit More

  1. Busy is good! I hope you will post a picture of your rug – I love rag rugs, haha. I have a book showing how to use a frame with nails to “weave” a rag rug out of strips of cotton. Looking forward to trying that one of these days. Good luck in your “green” quest ~ j

    • Okay, will do! Had people at the thrift shop where I got 3 shirts wanting a pic too. Also have other folks who do, so I guess I take pics!

      I have images from BHG about making a frame and then making a rug on it. Originally the image/idea was in Apartment LIfe, a magazine, one of the best most creative ones. They (someone) turned it into Metropolitian Home, high-end glitzy stuff, I cancelled my subscription. I liked the DIY funky in Apt. Life. Also, if you liked that, you might also have liked Creative Ideas for LIving Magazine, alas, it’s also gone. 😦

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