So Much for That!

I’d gotten the idea that I was whaling away at the mess, the emotional flotsam mostly gone. Then I realized that to get to my side of the bed, you have to wind your way past a stack of book boxes between two vacuum cleaners and then dodge more boxes. Getting to my side of the bed is an obstacle course! I didn’t do this consciously, and it happened piecemeal, over some time. The living room is getting cleaner, so is the rest of the house. I can see the corners, the edges getting tidy, sorted, and cleaned, which is nice. But no, dang it, the emotional “stuff” is still here too.

I can imagine cleaning the bedroom. But I internally sort of cringed at the idea of just clearing the space. If it was done with the furniture move I want to do — yeah, no problem with that idea. But there’s still a long way to go ‘tween where it is now and having enough stuff outta there to move furniture around.

Maybe I’ll have a “spring fling” party? Take all the boxes out of the house and invite neighbors/friends to come and help us rearrange furniture, have brunch or pizza? Getting help would make this a lot easier to just do AND getting help from people who I know like us might lower the emotional backwash enough that I could just do it? Dunno. I’m sick of this pecking away at it stuff.

Along that line, however, I moved another 15 boxes from the old storage to the new today as well. I sold a slug o’ books for the first time in a while yesterday (blame the weather, I hope). I added 40+ books to the book booth yesterday and today took an old paperback display to the new booth and filled it. We’ll see how that does!

The boxes I’m moving between units are hardcovers and larger format books/magazines. Without DH’s help or a ladder, I could fill the new unit just with these boxes. Tuesday I need to get down there early enough to work for a whilet. Fortunately, I have a platform ladder that will enable me to get to the highest boxes and also add boxes to the stacks I’ve already got in the new unit. I need to do this the next time I’m working, or I won’t be able to add t0 the stacks along the back wall. About 25% of the new unit’s floorspace is used and we’ve got furniture to sell and come home stashed there right now — it was handy!

So, tomorrow I work on the books here, the bedroom, and writing. Tuesday I work in the storage, the thrift shop, and the new booth. Weds. I go to the dump and take things to consign to another thrift shop. And then? I’m not sure.

P.S. I hate spell check! I’d misspelled one word, I was grateful not to have to look it up, but it tagged “ladder” too? I just couldn’t figure out why? I finally clicked on it, it wanted “later,” yeah right! This is why most of the spam I see  is correctly spelled but meaningless drivel!


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