250+ in One Swell Foop!

I didn’t get to the numbers last night. We had various & sundry things going on and it just didn’t get done. I did count the books this morning however. In addition to the 94 in the first stack of boxes, there’s 84 in the second and 101 in the third stacks. That’s 279 items put away. I had counted 1 box of books put away, so deduct that, or 278.

Which, all by itself makes up one of the target sections. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when photoshop & I are locked in mortal combat, and the software almost always wins, so I haven’t got a new target, right now.

There’s at least one more emptied deep crate available, I know where there’s a 2nd the same size. Then I just need to find another of the shallower crates which I’m using as a topper and I’ll be able to make a third section of the temporary bookcases in the living room.

That’s will be an entire wall of storage: bookcase crates, storage bins, and the plastic crates holding records. Of course there’s still 1000s of books, papers, etc. to be dealt with, but I’ll take the 280+ books that are now up/out of the way . . .  I’m amazed that I forgot to count them!

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