Not surprisingly,

I’m behind! [I originally wrote this Sunday morning.]

Since Saturday night was the first time I felt human in 5 days or so, that’s hardly surprising. However, it means that the elaborate plans I had went . . . elsewhere.

And since there’s what 4 3 days left of this month and I need to eliminate something like 1,500 pieces in that time — if I had nothing else to do I might be able to catch up. However, the book is due at the publisher. I have stories to read front/back matter to read/write, etc. That’s my job. The house is my private life, my husband-assigned job, not professional work.

Sooooooo, it’s likely I’ll end February at least 500 short. I guess it just took a little longer than the notebook to go awry? On the other hand, there’s hope. I managed to be on time, on target for about 5 weeks. I managed to keep/use the notebook for about 3 weeks.  Life isn’t only about finishing things, it’s also about starting them again after you get stalled.

And that’s where I am — stalled. None of my plans included 5 days essentially flat on my back or 8 days out of the loop altogether, including the weekend I was away.

There’s some good news though I lost about 5 pounds. If I can keep it off, that will give me more energy and self-esteem. I got the embroidery thread organizer up in my office (with some help from DH), I have 2 of 16 blocks made for a planned rug and I have a file to deliver tonight — which I need to get to I delivered the file on time.

Happy Monday! The work got done, so now we’ll see just how much I can get done around here today? Or, there’s a chance I’ll be able to go work in the storage. We’ll see!


One response to “Not surprisingly,

  1. Keep looking on the bright side 🙂

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