Craft supplies, crashes, purges, and what all

I spent almost all day today working on my office. I’ve decided that if I can just empty the books outta there that were put there “temporarily” (They’re to be sold.) I might be able to get most of the craft supplies organized and put away – – maybe.

But with the boxes of books and the shelves full of books for sale in there, forget it!

On the other hand, I have too many craft supplies too. It’s really hard to put everything away, even if I have a spot for it and a storage container. I’ve emptied enough containers now that I have a small shelf of empty ones AND I’ve started tossing those that are torn, not complete, etc. I have a shelf full of containers that aren’t the right size/type, but the office’s organization is getting better.

I have a few goals for this effort: 1) Put up the cast iron wheels (well 2 of the 3) and store the project bags and embroidery thread on them. 2)Get the craft supplies organized/culled enough that I can actually find what I want when I want it. (What an idea ‘eh?) and 3)Get the images, books, etc. that were “going away” gone!

I’d say you might not be able to tell I’ve been working on my office, but that really isn’t true. About 1/2 of my counter is cleared, which hasn’t happened in a good long time! Yes there are still piles of  “stuff” around the counter, the boxes of books that are stacked under the counter are still there, and the bookcase boxes are still full of books to be sold. But it’s progress! Give me a week — let’s see where I am then?

Tomorrow won’t be a super cleaning day, at least not here. I’ve got a doctor’s appt. in the morning and intend to work on the storage move after that.

I was gone at a show this weekend. I thought about taking books to put on a “freebie” table (they always have one) but I was afraid that I’d make the dealers mad if I did? Alas, there were books out on a freebie table ALL weekend. I could have put out 100 or more and no one would have cared. I’ll remember that next year, although I hope I don’t have any excess books next year!

I also finally put the ad in craig’s list for the sale at the old antique store. Let’s hope that a few people see it and buy 20 or more books so they’ll get ’em 1/2 off. Let’s hope! I have about 40 more ready to go. I’ll fill the box (around 60) and then take it down there on Weds.


2 responses to “Craft supplies, crashes, purges, and what all

  1. Every little bit helps, J! Good luck with the sale.

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