Working on Stuff

My internet yesterday was down for much of the day, a dilemma I hadn’t realized would affect me so. Apparently, I spend a LOT more time on the computer than I realized. Anyway, because it was in the queue, I worked on the living room.

I took the loose stacks of books, added them to the 1/2 full boxes. Moved things about, tightened up this and that. Still no room to actually USE the room/furniture! Soon maybe, but not yet.

I also worked on my office. I separated, sorted, etc. various fabric collections: clothes to be dismantled for their fabric, yardage, fabric strips for crochet/braiding, felt. Decided to sell another piece of yardage. I have more of this to do of course, but it’s a lot neater and more organized than it had been. Decided I needed to stack all the drawer units. I have 6 units that were made for American Greeting cards years ago. Last year I got new mat board stock cut for the front of the drawers. They still look great.

I need to label them. The Martha Stewart “removable” chalk labels want to pull a bit of the color out, but not so badly I won’t use them. They look like this:

martha stewart labels[As last time, the image is  (c) by Staples, Avery or Martha Stewart. If I get where I can, I’ll post an image of the actual drawer fronts with the labels to replace this. I don’t have enough labels right now.]

I used two more crates yesterday too. One went on my new shelf (DH cut down a larger bookshelf for me) and the other in my office closet. I bought the crates years ago and used them as browsers for paperbacks Now I have one in the bathroom, two in my office, and a few in the kitchen. I probably have at least one more, somewhere  still with books in it. When I run across it, I’m sure I’ll find a use in the house for it. They’re handy! I’ve always loved wooden crates and they fit the sort of funky recycled feel here.

First thing this morning, I tossed two books and filed/culled/organized > 100 pieces of paper. I’d only been up about an hour! If the job wasn’t so big, this and the work yesterday would make a LARGE dent in the mess. But no. It took me years to get here, it’s going to take a largish chunk of time to fix it.

I bought a charming braided rug last weekend. It’s so charming, I think I’ll replace the purple one I’m not so fond of with it and put the purple one in a booth. The purple one came from a church sale last year.

I’m off! The purple rug needs to be washed, the other rug needs to come in from the car, etc. etc.

Writing this post reminded me of the binder and all the plans I’d had for being ORGANIZED this year. I have no idea where the binder is? So much for that, sigh.

2013 target smaller Feb 13


2 responses to “Working on Stuff

  1. Love the last line J! This is one of my problems – I make lists and then can’t find them or I forget to bring them to where I need them. I designate folders for things but then have too many folders and can’t find the one for that particular thing. It sounds like you have made tremendous progress during the course of blogging – I think it’s good to have it as a gentle reminder of your goals. But there is the key, don’t let it become a source of self blame. One day at a time, right?! I wish you well in this journey, your blog journey as well as your life journey. Jan

    • Jan,

      It’s always nice to hear from you! Maybe we can meet up sometime when i’m on your side of the border. I was there this weekend, but was busy working. Saw John & Sonya, but they came to the even where I was working too.

      One of these days, I’ll end up down that way and I’ll have a little time, or maybe we can meet hereabouts again! Not with the 50mph winds & drifting snow I had today. I spent 1.5 hrs going on the inner ring road to do a trip that even with big city traffic is like an hour max, because of the snow, crazies, accidents, etc.

      Thanks for the comment!

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