Living Room Contemplation

The space in our living room, like much of this house, is impractical, that is, the flow is wrong and the space is cut up badly.

The room is too narrow, bounded on one side by the wood stove and on the other by the furnace intake and stairwell/entry. The natural focal point of the room is the wood stove, which divides the rectangular space in 1/2 on the long side. This makes two rooms which aren’t big enough to really be separate rooms and awkward traffic flow. As I said, it’s a dilemma.

DH and I talked about the space, our furniture and what we want to do with the room last night. The furniture we want to use, except for the couch, is already in the room. We decided to sell the record collection, something we hadn’t before. (That will free up about 2 square feet of the room, the records are in plastic cubes, stacked right now, so they don’t take up much space.)

There’s still too much stuff in the room to do what we want, mostly boxes of books. The furniture isn’t arranged. But now I know which way we’re going, at least for the next step. There IS one less piece of furniture in the room, a small bookcase was removed and is now in the new booth. (It had not sold at the old booth and was being “stored” in the middle of the room.)

My next “house” goal is to walk across my living room. Or at least get a lot closer to being able to do so. That means moving the boxes to the edges again and placing some/all of the furniture so it can actually be used. Not sure how much of this will get done or how fast, but it’s a goal, ‘eh?


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